Born in the illustrious Moodlakatte Doddamane family of Sri. Bhujanga Shetty & Smt. Nagarathna Shetty, the erstwhile philanthropic landlords and agriculturists, I M Jayaram Shetty has carved a name among the social stalwarts who were instrumental in transforming the undivided South Canara district, which has mythological connection to the famous sage Lord Parashurama. Hence this land is described as the Land of Parashurama Srishti.

The horizon of South Canara is studded with luminaries on the education, entrepreneurship, economy, and rural agriculture apart from literature, dance and music. Though being academically enriched with a degree in Engineering from the famous Manipal Institute of Technology,Manipal , Mr. I M Jayaram Shetty jumped on the entrepreneurial path to fulfill the dreams he had, inspired by the Pais of Manipal - Dr. T. M. A. Pai, the Manipal Brahma and Sri T. A. Pai, a political giant who was instrumental in transforming the society with his vision for the development of rural potential.

Taking a cue from these stalwarts and many such greats of South Canara, Mr I M Jayaram Shetty returned to his roots to Moodlakatte and his family profession of agriculture. He started his venture “Agro Chem Industries” for the production of micro-nutrient chemical fertilizers. After conducting deep research and study in the field of agriculture, he set up a factory at Bangalore. This venture was of great help for the farmers in getting higher yield in crops than with the use of any other fertilizers. Appreciating his yeoman service to the agriculturists, and his fondness to serve the rural society, the people of Kundapur and Byndoor taluks looked up to him as a strong leader and this love of the people forced him to contest from Byndoor legislative assembly seat, which he won with a sound margin in 1994.Again in 1996, he contested for Loksabha elections. But unfortunately, he lost the elections by a slender margin of 200 votes. This did not deter him from contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Udupi Constituency, where he won from a comfortable margin.

There was a strange but interesting fact that defies logic, in these contests. The reference from the newspaper is given below.

Mr. I M Jayaram Shetty worked tirelessly as an MLA then as an MP towards the welfare of the people of his constituency. He was instrumental in providing basic health care and education facilities to the rural folk. Fishing harbor development, rural health centers, development of schools and institutions, upgrading information technology, roads and infrastructure, setting up re-cycling plants at the large industries, creating employment opportunities for the rural youth are some of the important and valuable contributions from him for the people of his constituency.

A born leader from his student days, his natural vision was to establish an Engineering college in his birth place. His vision found fruition in 2004 when Moodlakatte Institute of Technology was established in the sprawling 60 acres of land at Moodlakatte ,his birth place. After leading the Institution for several years his health started deteriorating. He passed away on 15 May 2014, at his residence in Bangalore after a prolonged illness. He left behind a legacy for his wife and children, which blossomed into an Institution of Eminence on the coastal Karnataka. Now the Institution is headed by his son, the young and dynamic Chairman Mr. Sidhartha J. Shetty.

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