Working President

MIT Kundapura Siddartha J Shetty

Mr. Sidhartha J. Shetty

Working President

Mr. Sidhartha J Shetty is an ambitious, dynamic young man, highly influenced and motivated by his illustrious father Late Late I M Jayaram Shetty, the founder of the MNBS Trust who was an industrialist, committed politician, a mass leader and a philanthropist to the core.

Though young, during the days of Mr. Jayaram Shetty’s tenure as a politician, Mr. Sidhartha J Shetty imbibed the virtues and values of his father and was drawn in to the education field as I M Jayaram Shetty established the Engineering Institute “Moodlakatte Institution of Technology” in the year 2004. Then, after his education in Engineering, he started to devote more time to the management of the Institution, learning the finer aspects of Management. When his father expired after a long illness, he decided to step into the shoes of his father and take up the mantle of the Trust as the Chairman. Though it was not a cake walk, as the problems mounted due to the untimely death of his father, Mr. Sidhartha J. Shetty displayed the skills he learnt from his father to overcome most of the obstacles to set the Institution on the right path to progress. Though this period was troubled by mushrooming growth of Engineering colleges, the resultant short term setbacks did not deter the young man from pursuing his father’s vision. He involves himself deeply in the management and administration of the Institute and leading it in a path of new development befitting the fast changing academic world in the current new reality which is demanding and uncompromising.

His love for the education at all levels is reflected in his new ideas of starting schools beginning with full-fledged modern play school which paves the way to establishment of primary schools to higher secondary schools (up to 12th class) in one big educational complex. An impressive master plan for the educational complex is already drawn, reflecting his vision and his father’s dreams. Another innovative thinking from him is to encourage youths to attain proper skill through skill development programs under the Govt of India through which they can access better-paying jobs and also experience a greater standard of living.

With Mr. Sidhartha J Shetty at the helm of affairs, IMJ Group is poised to become an Education hub on the coastal Karnataka and shine among the ranks of academic institutions of India.

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